Materials To Be Used

All materials used are to be of the highest standards. There are three basic thatching materials used in Great Britain, excluding Heather, Fern and Peat, these being water reed (largely imported), Combed Wheat Reed and Long Straw. In Devon and Cornwall only two materials are used traditionally, Water Reed and Combed Wheat Reed.

Any member should tell you informatively of the Pro's and Con's of the two materials. We, as an association, and all members make our livelihood from thatching, and you should expect honesty and trustworthiness from us all.
Why? Because we care.

Technical Specifications

As each individual local council has it's own ideas or follows certain guidelines, we as an association will monitor and collate information as is needed, we will if need be negotiate as far as possible, with local authorities to try and work out an amicable or suitable agreement, in what is said to be a mystery.
Thatching is not a mystery, more a small industry that has different ideas that does not always conform to usual building practices within it.
However a list of our specifications is available from our secretary, as is a current list of members. 

If you are in need of any clarification of terminology used in our specifications, please contact the secretary at the address in the yellow pages.


Whatever the problem, leaking roofs, planning, untidiness, breakdown of communication, whatever the problem, we will as an association, dedicated to thatch and thatching, would, if requested, intervene to find a suitable agreement. With verbal and written reports being submitted. We, as members, are not franchised, or a group seeking to profit from being members, we are as guilds were of old, promoting our craft for the benefit of all.

We will carry out surveys on any thatched roof with a written report if required, with proposals for rectifying or replacing, virtually and problem regarding thatch or Thatchers, we promise to look into, without favouritism. 

In short this association upholds rigorous standards and specifications, these are laid out to have the thatch owners, architects and surveyors best interest at heart.

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